Who We Are

Sara Van Dusen

Sara Van Dusen

Managing Partner


Chris Van Dusen



Jesse Leonardi


Nicole Inal

Nicole Inal

Account Director

Corrine Sheehan

Corinne Sheehan

Account Manager

Matt Delarosa

Matt Delarosa

Digital Content Producer

Team Values

We are endlessly curious and seek an awareness of self, our team members, clients and the world. We stand in our truth knowing that each individual brings unique talents and perspectives. We make the effort to understand our own feelings, beliefs and skills and what we have to offer. We are open to perspectives that differ from our own.

We have a mindset of abundance. We believe creativity and fresh ideas are infinite. We are free to create and share our unique talents.

In the pursuit of maximizing life, we do our absolute best to be intentional in every interaction, pursuit and task. We take ownership and have the courage to speak truth. We serve our team, clients and community from a place of deep respect and kindness in every action and word.

We are hyper focused on doing meaningful work and persuading our clients to focus on what is most important. We do not create crap. We do not accept crap. It's in our name - if you look in the mirror Parcon stands for “no crap".



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